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Yikes! The DOT Just Wrote A Breakup Letter From Hell

The DOT cut ties with ad agency McCann Worldgroup Philippines over plagiarism allegations via an all-caps statement. OUCH.

By now, everyone knows about the messy affair between a certain government entity and an ad agency.

"After embarrassing accusations of plagiarism over the latest ad in the 'Experience the Philippines' campaign, the Department of Tourism (DOT) cut ties with their agency McCann Worldgroup Philippines," reports Esquire Philippines.

The DOT broke up with the ad agency through a statement that was published on the Rappler Facebook page.

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The ALL CAPS statement most definitely qualifies as the Breakup Letter From Hell, as it completely ignores three unspoken end-of-relationship rules.

1. It's the opposite of "It's not you, it's me."

Cliché breakup lines exist for a reason. They may be lame but you say them to cushion somebody that you used to love (and who probably still loves you since you're the one doing the ditching) from the devastating blow of your parting.

In the DOT's case, it practically told the ad agency, "It's all your fault and I just happened to be standing here." We all know that's not exactly the case. As another cliché asserts, "It takes two to tango."

2. It didn't follow the "three-month rule."

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Breakups are messy and take a toll on your psychological well-being. You need time to recover before resuming your search for The One. In the well-loved movie One More Chance (2007), one of the lead characters believes that the post-breakup waiting period should be three months.

The amount involved in the DOT "Sights" fiasco is said to be around P650 million. After something so devastating, you'd expect the DOT to lay low for a while. But no. The DOT ends its letter with, "We also wish to announce that we will reopen the procurement process for the production of a new advertising material."

3. It's got an "ex deal."

We all have our ways of coping with bad breakups—but announcing that you're going back to another ex to get over a recent ex is probably not one of the best moves.

This is exactly what the DOT does, though. It says it's now back to using the old slogan, "It's more fun in the Philippines."

Incidentally, "It's more fun in the Philippines" has also been through its own plagiarism controversy. It's just that the campaign it was accused of copying was used in Switzerland in the 1950s. By contrast, the so-called source of the "Sights" video is an ad launched in South Africa in 2014. Go figure.

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Esquire reported that McCann has since responded to the DOT's statement, saying they only feel "regret" by the termination, but they respect the decision. And the public apology? It has not been issued—at least not yet.