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Dynamic Duos We Absolutely Love

What goes well with Ryan Gosling? (No, not you.)

There are just about a million matches made in heaven, from the adorable coupling of Will & Kate, to the meant-to-be milk chocolate with salted caramel combo.

Here, a roundup of the dynamic duos we absolutely love. P.S. Mondays + Coffee is by default the best tandem ever, and isn't part of the list, duh.

1. Sparklers + Your besties

2. Crop tops + Pencil skirts

3. A pint of ice cream + A Nicholas Sparks movie

4. A bubble bath + Your favorite novel

5. A selfie + The X Pro II Filter

6. Rain + Your boyfriend

7. A newly painted pedicure + Summery sandals

8. A breakup + Taylor Swift

9. Popcorn + Caramel (yes please!)

10. Rainy Mood + Your favorite song (If you don't know what we're talking about, check it out HERE. Best office noise muffler EVER. You're welcome!)

11. Vanilla + Coconut scented perfume


12. Oreos + Peanut Butter

13. Cosmopolitan Philippines magazine + Your bed

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