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Elisse Joson + McCoy De Leon Get Real About Their Last Moments Together And Things Get Emotional

*Tears everywhere.*
PHOTO: YouTube/Black Sheep

Elisse Joson and McCoy de Leon are finally starring in a movie together—Sakaling Maging Tayo, to be shown in theaters on January 16—but just not as a love team anymore, as they had a falling out in 2018.

The details of the love team breakup are admittedly a bit fuzzy, since neither camps revealed why exactly the communication between the two stopped. (Elisse only said that they were having problems.) So it’s such a surprise that she and McCoy recently met up and talked about their last moments together before things ended between them. The whole convo was videoed by film production company Black Sheep, and you’ll see things take a really emotional turn as they open up about their past. Check it out:

A few important things we now know:

  1. They care for each other deeply to continue supporting one another.
  2. McCoy sacrificed the relationship for his family.
  3. But he loved her. A lot.
  4. They've missed each other.
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