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Ellen Adarna Denies Being High On Drugs With Baste Duterte In Viral Video

'They can say whatever they say. We were both drunk. Baste was smoking real cigarettes.'
PHOTO: Instagram/maria.elena.adarna

You've probably come across the viral video (which has since been taken down) of Ellen Adarna and Baste Duterte slurring their words in an intoxicated state as they hung out in the actress' condo. It was harmless fun, some would say. But not so much if the presidential son was deemed to be smoking marijuana on his e-cigarette. 

The footage was grabbed from Ellen's official Instagram account which she herself posted on January 24.

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In a exclusive interview, Ellen denied claims that they were high on drugs (for which Baste's father President Rodrigo Duterte is infamously staunchly against) and just plainly drunk on alcohol, saying:

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"I wouldn't post it online if it [were] weed. Hahaha. Sino bang tanga gagawa n'yan? Not unless ma-legalize na medicinal weed. Lol. Anak pa cya ni digong hajahajaj (sic).

"They can say whatever they say. We were both drunk. Baste was smoking real cigarettes. It's called IQOS from Japan. You can google it."

And Google it we did. The IQOS was launched in 2014 by Phillip Morris as a 'hybrid between analogs and electronic cigarettes' by using actual tobacco in refillable miniature sticks ('HeatSticks').

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Here's a video on how the smokeless cigarette works:

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