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Ellen Adarna Says Derek Ramsay Is 'Very Respectful': 'Mukha lang siyang f*ckboy pero hindi!'

She says he was so respectful that she ended up making the first move!

On March 4, 2021, Ellen Adarna and Derek Ramsay were interviewed on RX 93.1 about their relationship. There, the newly confirmed couple gave viewers and fans a better peek into their love story.

Hosts Rico Robles and Karla Aguas asked Ellen and Derek loads of burning questions. One of which was about something they didn't expect to discover about each other. Ellen quipped, "Mukha lang siyang f*ckboy pero hindi [talaga]." She added, "I told him na I thought he was an asshole before or manyakis. But he’s very respectful and very sweet."

She went on to reveal that Derek was so respectful that it took a while before they had their first kiss. "Very respectful talaga. Ang tagal bago niya ako kiniss!"

Ellen then shared that she ended up making the first move to kiss him because she "really wanted to." She said the kiss was "just a smack" because she "didn't know how to kiss him." But Derek joked he'd had a "very good encounter with her teeth." He then proceeded to do a biting motion as he reenacted their "awkward" first kiss.


Derek recalled, "I dropped her off at her house. And then she goes in for the kiss. Bam! And she just walks out of my car then she goes 'Bye!' And then she leaves."

He said of the teeth incident, "I was dazed and confused…But when we had our first-first kiss, I knew."

Derek had many good things to say about Ellen, and he really praised her for being a "super mom" to her son Elias. He admired how she's "so hands-on" with him, and that she could balance going out and having fun with parenting. "Even if she gets drunk the night before, she's there for her son. She takes care of her responsibilities at 5 a.m. or 5:30 a.m."

In the same interview, Ellen revealed that she and Derek became official on February 4, 2021. Derek added, "Today is actually our monthsary."

Ellen and Derek were first seen hanging out in public (and on IG) together when they traveled with friends and family to Batangas in late January 2021. They reportedly got close at a party Ruffa Gutierrez hosted on January 11, 2021.

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You can watch their full RX 93.1 interview below:

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