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Enrique Gil To Liza Soberano: 'Baby you are my heart, my soul, and the blood that flows in me'

This guy's definitely seeing hearts.
PHOTO: Instagram/EnriqueGil17 and LizaSoberano

Today, Enrique Gil posted a super kilig, super heartfelt message for Liza Soberano on his Instagram feed. It was bursting with so many emotions and love messages that we couldn't help but feel smitten for the two of them.

Recently, Enrique seems to always have his heart on his sleeve when it comes to Liza. In his post, he began to profess his love by saying: “Baby, you are my heart, my soul, and the blood that flows in me. I don’t think any words [on] IG can really fit in what I feel for you.”

And he didn’t stop there. As he has said in previous interviews, he feels extremely lucky to have Liza in his life: “Napaka-swerte ko talaga because this woman right here has the biggest heart in the universe and I want to share you [with] the whole world so that they can feel the love and happiness that you bring me. Pero minsan lang [naman] madamot ako gusto ko sa'kin lang hehe joke!”


The couple just confirmed the status of their relationship last weekend, and it seems like they’re on a roll with the saccharine sweetness. We’re absolutely loving it! He signs off his V-day message on such a loving note, too—highlighting exactly how much he appreciates Liza’s constancy and consistency in his life: “You give me hope every single day. when I feel down I always go to you and instantly I'm up again. I just can’t live without you and I will always love you no matter what baby. Happy valentines day bubu ko! I love you so much, always and forever.” His message had us floored. 

Their movie Alone/Together, directed by Antoinette Jadaonejust premiered the other night and is currently showing in cinemas across the Philippines. The movie is about Cristine, a UP student who wants to make a difference in the art scene, and Raf, a biology student who wants to pursue big dreams as well. Their respective paths lead them apart and on different journeys...until they meet again after eight years. We feel that their off-screen dynamic will surely boost their on-screen chemistry, so we can’t wait to catch the flick this coming weekend.

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Since Enrique has us feeling all giddy tonight, we’re spreading the love and wishing everyone out there a Happy Valentine’s evening. Hope you’re with someone who looks at you the way Enrique looks at Liza—with a side order of cheese, of course. 

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