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Here's Why You Should Be Excited For The Solo Harley Quinn Movie

Margot Robbie is a triple threat!
PHOTO: Suicide Squad/Warner Bros.

Harley Quinn is one of the most popular members of DC’s "Suicide Squad." As part of the ragtag group of villains used by the government to complete possibly fatal missions, she adds a bit of sass and spunk to an otherwise dreary troop of menaces. She was once the Joker’s psychiatrist in Gotham’s Arkham Asylum, until she fell madly in love with the criminal psychopath, turning into his equally cray sidekick.

Harley is played in the movie by Aussie actress Margot Robbiewith enough charm to make Batman blush, she eventually wins over the adoration and adulation of fans. Now, she’s slated to have her own solo flick, and here’s why you should be excited about it.

It’s a female-fronted comic book adaptation!

And when does this happen? The answer: not a lot. In this movie, Harley Quinn is a sidekick no more! The spotlight is on the anti-heroine, and this is making a lot of fans happy. And although she isn’t the best example of good moral fiber, at least she isn’t basic. She’s badass, complex, and above all else, can defend herself.

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Rumor has it that the movie will have other female DC heroines.

Can anyone say Batgirl? Hey, if they’re planning on including other strong, empowered female charcters to the fray, then that’ll make for an even more interesting popcorn flick! Girl power!

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Margot Robbie is producing it herself.

The hot young starlet became famous playing movie arm candy for the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio, Will Smith, and Alexander Skaarsgard. What most don’t know is that Margot Robbie is capable of producing a film, given she has her own production company called LuckyChap Entertainment. Beautiful + talented + successful = TRIPLE THREAT! You do you, Margot. You do you.