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Filipinas Are Among The Sexiest Nationalities In The World!

Is this a good thing?
Featured recently released its annual survey called “The World’s Sexiest Nationalities.” This year, Filipinas were among the top 10 sexiest women for American men. Who got the top spot? Check out the results below.

Sexiest Nationalities for Women:

Armenian 5,971

Barbadian/Bajan 4,036

American 3,402

Colombian 2,741

English 2,006

Australian 1,040

Brazilian 992

Filipina 651

Bulgarian 429

Lebanese 323

The travel dating website based their results on the dating preferences of 44, 873 American men.

It also had them rank the qualities they found most attractive in their potential travel dates. Body type and facial features ranked the highest, getting 44 and 37 percent respectively.

Based on the results, around half of the nationalities listed are typically considered "exotic" by Americans. Let’s hold our horses before we say that American men on exoticize or feel any racial aggression for women of other cultures. It could just be that the different features attract them, or the prospect of meeting and traveling with someone from a different country excites them a whole lot, just because. Does this apply to you as well? Are you into blue eyes and blonde hair? Share your thoughts in the comments section!

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