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Aww, Frankie Pangilinan Will Be Going To College In New York And Sharon Cuneta Got Super Emotional

'Oh my Baba... Mama will miss you every day.'
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/frankiepangilinan; (RIGHT) Instagram/reallysharoncuneta

Frankie Pangilinan is all grown up. She turned 18 in December 2018 and she's graduating from high school soon! In fact, she's already decided where she'll be studying for college.

In a recent Instagram post, Sharon Cuneta revealed what her daughter's plans are. Frankie actually wants to study in New York and Sharon has mixed reactions about it. 

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Sharon wrote, "Graduating from high school soon. Then we take her to her dream school and help her move into her dorm in New York in August. How did this happen? Why so fast?!!!"

"Oh, my Baba...Mama will miss you every single day... But I am so very proud of you! I love you with all my heart. You are golden. @frankiepangilinan (How am I gonna eat when I’m home with the family — and seeing your empty seat beside me?!!! Waaaaah!! I can’t!!!" 

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"Magaling naman ang U.P. at Ateneo at La Salle anak...Huhuhu! Stay na lang kaya? Kundi titira ako dyan! Di naman papayag si Yellie di siya kasama. Si Gugie din baby pa. Iwan si Dad dito diyan na kami?! Hahaha! Babaaaaa!!! NO! NO! NO! I will sabunot myself!!! I will ask Ninang Cecile and Tita Anina to stalk you! Also Tito James, Tito Eggy...nyahahaha!)"

We can see Sharon's trying to make light of it with her jokes that she could keep her company in New York or ask relatives to watch over her with an eagle eye. LOL, she even mentioned local universities!

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Sharon has two more kids with Senator Francis "Kiko" Pangilinan, Miel Pangilinan (aka Yellie) and adopted son Miguel Pangilinan (aka Gugie), and her eldest (with Gabby Concepcion), KC Concepcion

Aww, Sharon's post is totally tugging at our heartstrings!