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Frankie Pangilinan Reacts To President Rodrigo Duterte's Controversial Remark On Parents Francis Pangilinan, Sharon Cuneta

Frankie voiced out her comments on Twitter on December 1.

President Rodrigo Duterte made a controversial remark on November 30 during a Bonifacio Day event about Senator Francis “Kiko” Pangilinan and Sharon Cuneta.

CNN Philippines reported that President Duterte ranted against a law that Sen. Pangilinan authored, which raised the minimum age of criminal liability to 15 years old. He said that Sharon has been asking Sen. Pangilinan to move out.

President Duterte said, “Pinapaalis na nga ng asawa niya sa bahay niya, ayaw kay wala ibang matirahan. Totoo. Tanungin mo. At kung sabihin mo nagsisinungaling ako, I will resign. Ang sinasabi ko totoo ‘yan.

Frankie Pangilinan, who is currently studying in New York, reacted to President Duterte’s statement on Twitter on December 1.

Her first tweet reads, “Hala, buti pa siya alam.

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In another tweet, Frankie had this to say:

She followed up with another tweet: “Like, imagine being more concerned with ‘ruining’ a perfectly happy family instead of... being... a good leader…”

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Frankie’s twitter rampage continued as she wrote, “Homesick na nga naging sick of home pa.”

Frankie shared a screenshot of President Duterte’s quote as she tweeted: “OMG, when he resigns, [you’re] welcome.”

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Standing up for her family, Frankie shared a photo of Sen. Pangilinan and the Megastar, which was sent in by her sister Miel Pangilinan. Frankie said, “In conclusion, it’s 4:50 a.m. here in New York City. I’m exhausted and have plenty of homework. But if you come for my family, I’ll come for [you].”

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One of Frankie’s final tweets on the issue reads: “Protect them at all costs.”

On Facebook, Sharon reacted to President Duterte’s statement as she wrote, “This piece of news sent by [Frankie] kinda shocked me! I dunno if it’s true that the President, my “Tatay,” really said this, and I haven’t been able to see or speak to him since before my brother’s campaign for Mayor!”

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The Megastar said that she did not know where the statement came from and added, “If my husband and I separate, you’ll hear it from me! I don’t think anyone expects an announcement of this sort from the President of their country! Tatay likes to joke sometimes, as you all know because Kiko’s in the Opposition. He has joked a few times against Kiko and about me in the past!”

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Sharon also said that everything is fine with her family: “My family and marriage have never been happier!”

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