Fans Think 'Game Of Thrones' Revealed *Exactly* How Arya Might Die

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  • Fans think the Game of Thrones book foreshadows exactly how Arya might die (note: She could also live!) this season.
  • Spoiler-y speculation and theories ahead, you've been warned!

    Not ashamed to say it: At this point, I'm more invested in the internet's Game of Thrones theories than I am in the actual show. Like, I hope George R. R. Martin is trolling around while he writes (shade implied, ahem) his last books because the fans are basically handing him ideas on a silver platter. Which brings me to a fascinating theory from a fan, who's out here claiming that the Song of Ice and Fire book series basically told us exactly how Arya's going to die.

    TL;DR: Jon and Arya have a conversation toward the very beginning of the story, where he jokes about her icy death with a ~needle~. To set the scene: Arya is sewing with Septa Mordane and Sansa, when she ditches everyone to chill with her big brother. Here's the quote in question from the book, as transcribed by the fan:

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    "'The show is done,' he said. He bent to scratch Ghost behind the ears. The white wolf rose and rubbed against him. 'You had best run back to your room, little sister. Septa Mordane will surely be lurking. The longer you hide, the sterner the penance. You'll be sewing all through winter. When the spring thaw comes, they will find your body with a needle still locked tight between your frozen fingers.'"

    Um. Ummmm. U-H-M! Obviously, Jon was talking about Arya's sewing needle, but we all know that the name of her beloved sword is also Needle. On top of that, it's currently wintery AF on the show right now, and frankly it would be so on brand for Martin to foreshadow an icy death like this.

    The only good news as far as I can tell? Martin's wife once told him she'd leave him if he killed off Arya. So.

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