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9 Questions 'Game Of Thrones' Straight Up Never Answered

Closure? Could you...use that in a sentence, please?
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The series finale of Game of Thrones may have left the fandom divided over whether the episode was an adequate ending to the series or not—I'm on team "that was an abomination." But even if you loved it, there are just so many questions that the show's writers never addressed, and we demand answers!

  1. Why is there still a Night's Watch?

    Surely now that the White Walkers are entirely defeated, there really isn’t any need for a Night’s Watch anymore.

  2. What was Bran doing during the Battle of Winterfell?

    Bran just fully peaced out for the entire battle and left all of the men around him to die, including Theon (RIP). We've gotta believe he was up to something other than just going on a joyride inside some ravens.

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  3. What happened after Jon killed Dany?

    Since the writers decided to cut the season way too short, it seems like they chose to skip right over what probably would have been some of the most important part of the story: everyone finding out Dany is dead. Who found out first? Did Jon just offer up that info willingly? And how many times did Sansa and Arya threaten Grey Worm for locking up their brother?

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  4. Why was the Night King so obsessed with Bran?

    Sure fans have their theories, like the Night King wanted to destroy all the memories of Westeros that live in Bran, but the writers never actually gave us any concrete reason for the Night King becoming Bran's personal stalker.

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  5. Who is the New Prince of Dorne?

    In season eight, Varys just drops that there's a new prince of Dorne, with no further explanation. Then in the series finale, this new—extremely hot—prince pops up at Tyrion's hearing without so much as a "Hi, my name is…"

  6. Who is the Prince that was Promised?

    Melisandre was so hung up on finding ~*the Prince that was Promised*~ and we never even got a satisfying answer. Arya is the one who killed the Night King, but then Jon was the one who stabbed his beloved in the heart, which is part of the prince's prophecy.

  7. What happened to Ellaria Sand?

    We last saw her in the dungeon of King's Landing, and we can assume that if she was still in there when Dany went on her rampage then she’s probably dead, but who’s to say she wasn’t killed before then, or somehow escaped?

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  8. Is Syrio Forel still alive?

    We never actually saw Syrio die on screen, and as we know with Game of Thrones, that usually means they're not really dead. So what happened to Arya's favorite teacher?

  9. Where are the Reeds?

    House Reed has historically been very close with the Starks, but they were extremely MIA during both the Battle of the Bastards (when Jon almost got his ass kicked) and the Battle of Winterfell (when all of humanity almost died). So where the heck are Howland and Meera?


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