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WOW! Georgina Wilson Says Baby Archie Is Learning 4 Languages

"'Yon talaga frustration ko na I don't know as many languages as I want to."
PHOTO: Instagram/cocoonstudioph via Instagram/ilovegeorgina

Georgina Wilson is impressive for balancing her life both as a career woman and as a mother. When she isn't taking gorgeous selfies and looking all glamorous for events and shoots, the 32-year-old wife to Arthur Burnand and mother to one-year-old Baby Archie loves capturing moments with her family.

When asked how she has mastered the balancing act, she answered that it boils down to time management and having a solid support system in the form of his husband. In an interview with, she said, "Talagang I really know where my priorities lie and how important managing my time is. It's really hard, like, there's so much... yung business parang baby rin siya, and then I have Archie, and my husband is also super understanding. So, I think the real answer is having a great support system. Kailagan hindi lang ikaw yunglike they rely on you lang."

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Georgina remains a super proud mom to Baby Archie, who recently turned one in December. She said, "Archie is such an amazing kid. Talagang ang bait niya and para siyang old man na talaga. Para siyang may sariling utak eh and he does his own thing. Very independent siya and that's what I wanted talaga for him."

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She mused, "Now he's trying to talk and so it's super cute. And actually, now, parang may mga crush na siya sa mga girls. Lahat ng mga magagandang young girls super kinakalabit niya and making beautiful eyes pa to them."

Georgina also shared how Archie is learning four different languages. She noted, "He's not speaking yet, but he understands Tagalog. He understands Filipino, English, Mandarin, and Spanish. Ako yung English, and then his dad teaches him Mandarin. And then my mom and family naman teach him Spanish and Filipino. 'Yon talaga yung frustration ko na I don't know as many languages as I want to."

And when it comes to parenting, George shares that there's a balance between her laidback ways and husband Arthur's strict parenting style. "Kasi English 'di ba, so yung upbringing nila sobrang strict talaga. I'm the cool mom."

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