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LOL! Gerald Anderson And Julia Barretto Do A Japanese Snacks ASMR Video

Put on your headphones and turn up the volume for the full ASMR experience.
PHOTO: YouTube/Black Sheep

There are only a few days left before Gerald Anderson and Julia Barretto's movie, Between Maybes, hits theaters. 

The movie, set in Japan's picturesque Saga prefecture, features the story of Hazel (played by Julia), an actress who books a random flight abroad to escape career troubles. Along the way, she meets Louie (played by Gerald), who isolates himself to forget about family troubles. Check out the first and second trailer to get a feel of the story.

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In a video uploaded by the film's production company, Black Sheep, Gerald and Julia take on a different approach to promote Between Maybes. They do an ASMR video trying out snacks that Gerald bought from Japan.

ICYDK, ASMR stands for "Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response," a pleasurable and relaxing feeling triggered by certain sounds. In fact, some people say ASMR for them is getting the tingles. It's a big trend right now on YouTube, with people tapping their nails on things, opening plastic packets, talking in a low voice, and the like. 

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Gerald and Julia can't help but giggle while filming the ASMR vid, which thankfully has subtitles so we can understand all the things they're whispering. Julia creates a rattling sound with a bottle cap that makes Gerald grind his teeth, and she totally hams it up as she tries to bite down hard on a tough chocolate-covered strawberry. 

Watch the video here: