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Gigi Hadid Got Modeling Lessons From Naomi Campbell

From one supermodel to another!

When you’re constantly in the public eye, you’re bound to be targeted by haters, bashers, and ill-wishers. For Gigi Hadid, the hate stemmed from her unconventional rise to the top (celebrity parents and all) and her particular way of walking down the catwalk.

According to Cosmopolitan, however, the blonde beauty found an ally in supermodel Naomi Campbell, who encouraged her to embrace her uniqueness. Prior to the taping of last year’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, Naomi actually offered to give Gigi a brief tutorial on owning the runway.

“I go to her hotel and we end up practicing walking in the hallway of the hotel,” Gigi explained in an interview with LOVE magazine.

“She [Naomi] said, 'don’t apologize, don't do it. You are perfect the way you are,” Gigi revealed. “After getting a lot of different opinions about my past Fashion Week, I went into the VS show thinking, Yeah. Maybe I am different, but I have heard Naomi saying, ‘Bitch better have my money’ after I walked for her. So it's going to be fine. If people don't like how I walk then they don't have to watch.”

That's our girl!

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