Harry Styles Is Coming To Manila!

Headlines, hot news, and conversation starters on June 9, 2017!
PHOTO: Harry Styles/Columbia Records

1 After launching his first solo album, Harry Styles is set to do a global concert tour, and OMG, he’s coming to Manila! According to his Instagram post, he’ll be performing here on May 1, 2018. MMI Live, the official event partner, announced on their official Facebook page that it will be held at the Mall of Asia Arena, and tickets will be on pre-sale for Globe subscribers this June 18 and to the public on June 19. Prices are P6,890; P5,830; P3,975; P2,650; and P1,325. We hope you've got extra moolah for this!

2 In the name of abs, Solenn Heussaff shared her flat tummy workout with her fans. She clarified in her post that exercising is not the only thing you should do to get rid of your puson. “It’s true when they say that ‘Abs are made in the kitchen, not in the gym.’ So if you want to flatten your tummy, you have to start by eating healthy, cutting down on the bad stuff like sugar, and drinking lots of water,” she explained. Solenn also reminded us that crunches alone won’t get the job done—you have to mix it with cardio to torch excess fat. Her 15-minute routine is composed of isometric movements that strengthen the core and raise the heart rate. (Solenn.ph)  

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Miss Universe 2010 Venus Raj has completed her master's degree in Community Development from the University of the Philippines in Diliman, Quezon City. In her Instagram post, she told her followers, “Never stop learning. When we stop learning, we stop growing. There are far more lessons that we have to discover. Don't be afraid of the process, God is with you.” Way to go, Venus! (PEP.ph)

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4 Charlie Puth and Selena Gomez’s 2016 hit track “We Don’t Talk Anymore,” the perfect song that talks about how former lovers turn to strangers, was covered by Jungkook from K-Pop group BTS in January. Just recently, he sang it with Jimin, who is also from the same group. Fans went wild with comments like, “What do you mean 'Jimin and JK,' I only hear angels singing,” “Jungkook Puth and Jimin Gomez,” and “THEY SOUND LIKE LITERAL HEAVEN TOGETHER.” Listen to the audio clip below to get soothed by their smooth voices! (Teen Vogue

Emma Bunton, more popularly known as Baby Spice of the Spice Girls, will appear on American TV as a judge on reality talent search, 'Boy Band.' Having a significant influence on pop groups, she gave this advice to aspirants: “You have to fit in and respect the other guys in the band,” she says. “It’s important that you can look out for each other and rely on each other. Work hard, talk things out, and really work together. Talking makes things less of a problem. Your really have to work well in a team if you want to be successful.” Former Backstreet Boys member, Nick Carter and music producer Timberland complete the roster, and Rita Ora will be the host. (People)

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