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Why Does Heart Evangelista Have Bruises On Her Tummy?

Netizens shared their theories.
Netizens notice Heart Evangelista's bruises on her tummy in an IG Reel
PHOTO: Instagram/iamhearte

Another day, another fab dress-up-with-me video from Heart Evangelista. This time, though, netizens noticed something else: bruises on the tummy of the actress and social media influencer.

In the IG Reel, Heart wore a bra top and unbuttoned denim shorts, exposing her torso. 

Anticipating that the bruises would raise questions, Heart opened the video with the following voice-over: "Good morning to the Martins and Maria Mareteses! Ah, yes, nabugbog, na-bash. In a while, I'll explain some other time bakit ako may pasa diyan."

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One viewer thought these might be the result of an aesthetic procedure, which Heart denied.

"I think those bruises are [from] melting fats?" the netizen asked.

"Haha, no, darling, noooo," Heart replied.

Heart Evangelista denies tummy bruises result of cosmetic procedure

Another netizen felt the bruises might be from getting an in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment. 

"I hate to pry," the netizen wrote. "But I got excited seeing the bruises one inch from your navel. I had the same bruises. Got my rainbow. I hope you get yours."

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Netizen feels Heart Evangelista's tummy bruises result of IVF

A rainbow baby refers to a baby born after stillbirth, miscarriage, or neonatal death.

Whatever the reason is for Heart's bruises, we're looking forward to more of her wardrobe vids!