Here's What Anne Curtis Collects From Her Travels

Nope, we're not talking about magnets.

We all have a thing or two that we’re obsessed with. For some, it can be bottles of perfume, hard-to-find sneakers, tubes of lipstick, and the list goes on and on. As for Anne Curtis, her simple joys come in the form of espresso cups. She has an ever-growing collection, most of which are from her travels, while some are gifts from friends who know about her not-so-secret obsession.

“Instead of buying magnets as memorabilia from the countries I visit, I hunt down espresso cups and Christmas decorations,” Anne says.

Here’s a peek at her collection:

Anne brought home this precious mug from her recent adventure in Chile.

This pretty butterfly-printed teacup was a gift from her road manager, Warren Dimen.

Knowing Anne’s obsession for espresso cups, a close friend of hers brought her this pasalubong from the Holy Land.

And this one, too!

Anne’s definition of a “lazy Sunday” starts with coffee. Look at that interesting cup with a handle that resembles a furry tail.

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Here’s another quaint-looking piece from her Peru trip.

Oh, look! It seems she’s also a fan of The Little Prince.

For Anne, there’s nothing a cup of coffee won’t fix—especially if that cup comes from her #AnnEspressoCupCollection.

“Seeing this one made me miss the perfect Wiener Schnitzel I had during my first trip to Vienna.” –Anne

Meanwhile, this one was a Christmas gift three years ago.

How about you, what do you like to collect?

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