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An Honest Review Of 'Fight For My Way' By A Skeptic Millennial

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The Long Plot, Sans Spoilers

Fight for My Way (FFMY) revolves around two lifelong friends, Choi Ae Ra (played by Kim Ji Won) and Ko Dong Man (played by Park Seo Joon). Their status in life has always hindered their success, and the story starts with Ae Ra as an information desk employee at a department store (instead of living her dream as an anchor on TV) and Dong Man as a pest control company employee (instead of kicking ass as a promising athlete). The lifelong besties have always been dependent on each other and slowly realize that what's between them is more than platonic.

Their friends—Baek Sul Hee (played by Ha Yoon Song) and Kim Joo Man (played by Ahn Jae Hong)—have been dating for six years and plan to get married. However, the plans take a back seat because of money and family problems, and an intern who seduces Joo Man every chance she gets.

All of them fight their way toward their dreams and face the usually harsh but sometimes thrilling realities of life. They experience various hardships in their careers, romances, and families, but also make the most of what they have. In the end, they prove that life may not be easy all the time, but the people around you make it worth living.

The Honest Plot

It's a story about four broke but passionate millennials (very relatable, really) who just want to fulfill their dreams and be happy. Two of them are besties who eventually become lovers, while the other pair, who have been together for six years, face tough relationship challenges. Aside from the interesting storylines, Park Seo Joon's character is topless almost half of the time. Omo!


The Actors And Where You Last Saw Them

Park Seo Joon as Ko Dong Man

Dong Man is the blunt, pessimistic guy who always underestimates himself. Eventually, his intense desire to make his family proud fuels his drive to succeed as an MMA fighter. 

Seo Joon has taken various lead roles before—most recently in She Was Pretty and Hwarang.

Kim Ji Won as Choi Ae Ra

Ae Ra is depicted as the cheerful, spunky girl who pursues her dream despite being an underdog and not being financially #blessed. 

It's Ji Won's first lead role in a major TV network drama series after being second lead in the highly successful Descendants of the Sun.

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Song Ha Yoon as Baek Sul Hee

Sul Hee is one of the best female second leads in K-drama history for me—she was ~*real*~, true to herself, and a very loyal and nurturing girlfriend. 

Ha Yoon has starred in the SBS series Band of Sisters this 2017, too.

Ahn Jae Hong as Kim Joo Man

Joo Man is an assistant manager who does his best to get promoted, so he can finally marry Sul Hee—but he encounters [annoying] distractions along the way. 

Jae Hong's most memorable appearance in a drama was in Reply 1988.


Pyo Ye Jin as Kim Ye Jin

Ye Jin, the fictional character, is an intern at Joo Man and Sul Hee's company. She's also one of the most annoying characters in K-drama history. Haha! 

The actress Ye Jin, on the other hand, has been cast in dramas before, including the international hit, Doctors.

Lee Elijah as Park Hye Ran

Hye Ran is a famous anchor and the clingy ex of Dong Man who tries to win him back and spoil Ae Ra's ambition to make it like her. 

Lee Elijah played a minor role in Uncontrollably Fond—also as a celebrity.

Choi Woo Shik as Park Moo Bin

Moo Bin is Dong Man's high school classmate and rival who eventually becomes a doctor and Ae Ra's ~*extra*~ sweet suitor. 

The actor Woo Shik has starred in many series before, including Fated to Love You and Rooftop Prince. He also stars in the Netflix original series Okja.

Jin Hee Kyung as Hwang Bok Hee

The mysterious character (the new landlord of the "Fantastic Four") is one to watch for! 

The actress Hee Kyung has played various roles in movies and series, such as as Na-Mi (a name that sounds like something relevant to FFMY) in the MBC series Mom.


Did You Know?

1. The drama has gotten record-high ratings and topped TV popularity charts—not only in Korea but also abroad. In China, a media company has even reported that the show might have become more popular than Goblin and DOTS in the country. The cast has been treated to a Jeju Island vacation as a reward, and we just can't wait for those [probably epic] trip photos!

2. Speaking of ratings, the show's achievement might also mean that a fan tour with Seo Joon could be possible! In a press conference, one of the cast members (Kim Sung Oh, who played Dong Man's coach) said, "I think if viewer ratings hit 30%, Park Seo Jun and Kim Ji Won should get married, and if it's below 30%, Ahn Jae Hong and Song Ha Yoon should get married." But Seo Joon quickly crushed all hopes for those arrangements (sayang!!!) and said he'll do a tour with fans instead. *fingers crossed* 

3. As mentioned, several episodes of FFMY feature a topless Ko Dong Man (singing fresh off the shower, entering the octagon ring, in a bedroom with Ae Ra, and more). Seo Joon's diligent workouts to get that might fine body really paid off, and even Ji Won gave two thumbs up.

4. Spolier Alert: The series also features countless kissing scenes, hugs, and other extra-kilig moments with Seo Joon and Ji Won (all R-15 though!). Several fans are rooting for the two actors to date for real (or make #SeoWon official already because their chemistry is too natural!!!)

What My Friends (And Fellow Millennials) Think:

"Gusto ko na normal na tao sila and hindi ideal (like CEO, etc.), so mas malapit sa reality and alam mong nangyayari talaga. 'Yung lessons ng story, mas na-a-absorb mo, hindi lang puro kilig. Shookt ako sa story ng mga second lead kasi dun talaga ako nadala, I super love how brave Sul Hee is kahit mukha s'yang weak on the outside. S'ya ang peg ko in life. Chos!" —Trina E.


"The series is such a refreshing take on K-dramas reflecting the highs and lows of an average millennial's life. It's not hard to understand where the characters are coming from and just like reality, it's hard to predict what will happen next!" —Mari Beronio

"I learned that we don't always have to be mature in making life decisions; sometimes we just have to be silly and follow our heart." —Mariella Lao

"As a millennial, this K-drama hits the right chords in your own drama in life. But instead of being sorry for yourself, you get inspired to be braver despite the unfairness the world gives." —Jouie Ulangca

What I Think:

TBH, I wasn't excited by the show's trailers. I thought the show would be just like any other Korean rom-com, and I thought Seo Joon and Ji Won's chemistry wouldn't even compare to the likes of Kim Shin and Ji Eun Tak's, or Kim Bok Joo and Joong Jun Hyung's. That's why FFMY was such a pleasant surprise! 

The series shows you how the average millennial lives—by dying a little every day. We're broke and life fails us so many times, yet we burn with so much ambition. Dong Man put it perfectly when he said, "It's better to live pretending that I don't have a dream. It just makes me feel pathetic if I have one." You eventually realize that without money, connections, and sheer luck, you'll naturally lose many times to those who have those things. However, throughout the series, the characters show you that you can beat the odds…some day.

Another main theme of the FFMY is how friends (and family) always, always have your back. They will support you in your dreams, defend you from bad guys, and knock you in the head when you need to wake up. You might all be failing in life, but you cheer each other on. More importantly, true friends are the biggest fake-bullies, too, because it's just so fun to tease one another. LOL!


Lastly, Ae Ra and Dong Man make you realize how love blooms slowly and sneakily between friends—and it hits like a roundhouse kick once you finally realize it. Sul Hee and Joo Man, on the other hand, show the v v relatable struggles that long-term couples experience after that honeymoon phase. Both couples are bound to induce hugot if you've ever been in a serious relationship.

Again, TBH, I never thought I'd be able to get over Goblin (still recovering since watching the finale back in January), Weightlifting Fairy, and Scarlet Heart, but Fight for My Way just takes the cake when it comes to #feels! So yes, it's now my biggest obsession that's not bound to get replaced soon. I think.

Watch For…

Episode 2 to 12: Your blood will boil over the SUPER ANNOYING third parties!

Episode 7 and 8: So many plot twists OMG. These are the points of no return. You can’t stop watching after this episode!

Episode 12: You might ugly-cry. Also, this is we all realize that Sul Hee’s the real MVP.

Episode 16: Best. Finale. Ever. (Best epilogue ever, too!)

Ae Ra's Epic Aegyo (like the one when she pulled a Bae Suzy) 

Quotes To Live By:

"Cinderella stories aren't popular anymore. In the real world, [women] work hard and succeed on their own. Forget that Cinderella brat who sold a lie to girls. The barefoot general Zhang Fei of the Three Kingdoms who commanded thousands is much sexier."

—A realization by Ae Ra about the ~*real*~ admirable heroine

"Isn't wherever you like the major league for you? Just do what makes your heart pound."

—Dong Man's advice to Ae Ra (He pointed out that you don't have to be in the biggest companies or go the conventional route in your career. Whatever path you choose, what’s important is that it's the best for you.)

"Do you have to have plans in life? It's fun to just wing it. It's not like planning makes it happen. If it's random anyway, might as well have fun… Even if we can't win, let's play anyway. Living our way is winning. Who cares what others say?"

—Dong Man's philosophy on being happy-go-lucky

Quote translations from Soompi and Viu subtitles.

I'd Recommend It To:

Anyone who needs a feel-good series and a comic relief from the heavy drama of life, anyone who liked Weightlifting Fairy but wants a more mature friends-turned-lovers story, and anyone who's ever been in a serious or long-term relationship


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