An Honest Review Of 'Lovely Horribly'

Love is scary and beautiful at the same time.

It's definitely not your ordinary rom-com!

The Long Plot, Sans Spoilers

Lovely Horribly is essentially a romantic comedy, but unlike other rom-coms, it's tinged with horror and fantasy. A woman named Oh Eul Soon (Song Ji Hyo) seems destined to lead a life full of misfortunes. She never succeeds at her attempts to make it as a drama writer. She gets left behind by her boyfriends and even by her family members. She also always happens to be at the wrong place at the wrong time.

Yoo Philip (Park Si Hoo), on the other hand, has been getting all the luck in the world. As a top actor, he receives the adoration of thousands of fans and acclaim for his projects. He's rich, handsome, and too precious to others. However, he wasn't always at the top of the world. As a child, he was so sickly, and shamans told his mom that he's ill-fated. They said that he can only turn his life around once he meets the girl who has the same birthday and a name similar to his real name (which was Eul Chuk). The girl turns out to be Eul Soon.

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As their destiny dictates, one gets lucky, while the other suffers. They don't know that they're connected somehow. However, their paths cross at various points of their lives, and their fortunes take a turn every time fate brings them together. What happens when they really get to know each other and find themselves falling in love?

The Short, Honest Plot

A man and woman with many weird things in common have even weirder destinies. When one gets lucky, the other experiences great misfortune. They start out as strangers, bicker like enemies, become friends, and—as expected—fall in love. But it doesn't go without a hitch with all the spooky events, creepy people, and the ~*ghosts*~ of their past that come their way.

The Actors And Where You Last Saw Them

Park Si Hoo as Yoo Philip/Eul Chuk

Before playing an extra lucky actor in this drama, he was a third-generation chaebol in My Golden Life (2017 to 2018).

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Song Ji Hyo as Oh Eul Soon

Before playing a hapless screenwriter, she was a stoic wife whose husband cheats on her in the movie What a Man Wants (2018). She was also a wife who was having an affair in the series Listen to Love (2016).

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Lee Gi Kwang as Lee Sung Joong

Before playing a secretive yet sweet production director, he was a smart government employee in the sci-fi series Circle (2017).

Hahm Eun Jung as Shin Yoon Ah

Before playing a popular actress who's pretending to be Philip's girlfriend, she was a ghostwriter in All Kinds of Daughters-in-Law (2017).

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Choi Yeo Jin as Ki Eun Young

Before playing a well-known screenwriter, she was an English teacher in the movie Yongsoon (2017) and a mother in the series Borg Mom (2017).

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Did You Know?

  1. Gikwang was a K-pop idol from the group Beast, while Eunjung debuted in the girl group T-ara.
  2. Lovely Horribly featured OSTs by other K-pop artists, such as Eunha from G-Friend ("So In Love"), Sandeul from B1A4 ("Here I Am"), and Seunghee from Oh My Girl ("WHO").
  3. One of Song Ji Hyo's long-time friends and a co-member in the internationally popular Korean variety show Running Man made a special cameo in the drama's pilot episode. HaHa (yes, that's his very witty stage name from his real name Ha Dong Hoon) played Eul Soon's boyfriend who dumps her in a convenience store.

  4. Speaking of Running Man. In the variety show, Ji Hyo actually shows a lot of similarities to her character in the drama. She's strong IRL (Eul Soon is a judo gold medalist), and she's also so brave when facing challenges thrown her way. Unlike her tragically unlucky character in Lovely Horribly, she's actually ridiculously lucky, especially when it came to prizes during the early RM episodes. It's like she's a magnet for winning and for gold!

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What Fellow Song JI Hyo Fans Think:

"Interesting yung story niya. Ito yung comeback ni Song Ji Hyo sa small screen, nabigyan ng hustisya yung character at yung kwento. Ji Hyo and Si Hoo have great chemistry, but hindi lang siya puro romance. Nakakatakot din ito, mahu-hook ka mismo doon sa kwento niya at kung paano nila lalabanan yung tadhana nila." —Jessica Cabigting Villamor

"I think Lovely Horribly is underrated in Korea right now, which may be caused by so many factors like the time slot, fan base, etc. Personally, at first, I watched this drama because of Song Ji Hyo, but as the story unfolded, I loved the chemistry between the three leads (Oh Eul Soon, You Philip, and Lee Sung Joong). I was also expecting that the horror part would be corny, but it wasn't. It's actually scary! Also, I love how the comedic interactions between the cast members were not forced, which made it really funny. In my opinion, this drama is a perfect balance of horror and comedy with a spice of drama and mistery. You'll also be intrigued by how this story would end." —Jessa Abejo

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"I am a very avid fan of Song Ji Hyo dahil sa Running Man kaya I try na panuorin talaga lahat ng shows niya. Despite being a fan of SJH, I will not be biased in giving a review about Lovely Horribly. I really love this drama kasi yung plot niya is not ordinary. Aminin natin na madami sa mga K-dramas ngayon ay may similar plots but not Lovely Horribly. This drama just keeps you on your toes kasi you don't know what's coming next. I definitely recommend this drama sa mga viewers who want something different." —Angie Fulgencio-Bernardo

What I Think:

I was so excited once Song Ji Hyo was confirmed to star in a drama at a major cable network in Korea. She's a goddess for Running Man fans like me. The last time she was in a drama was back in 2016, and it didn't get much traction (even if it was one of the best dramas I've ever seen). I was a bit disappointed she didn't get a top leading man, though. I had no idea who Park Si Hoo was.

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When I did start watching the drama, I had no idea about what the plot was. I didn't even know it was a horror/rom-com, and I never willingly watch anything spooky, BTW! But I was curious—and I was so glad I toughed it out.

First, let's talk about the superb actors. Ji Hyo and Si Hoo were so convincing—you'd really end up pitying her and thinking he was a jerk. You'll slowly get attached to their characters and eventually root for them. Lee Gi Kwang, Hahm Eun Jung, and Choi Yeo Jin played their roles brilliantly, too. They were mysterious and captivating, you'd wonder what plot twists they'll come up with.

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Second, let me comment on the storyline: So. Frickin'. Spooky! There are some parts of the first few episodes when you can't help but gasp or shriek a little out of terror. It dies down a bit and you'll think that they'll eventually reveal that everything was caused by humans and not supernaturals. But then the terrifying roller coaster speeds through peaks and twists that will make it a bad idea to watch it on a quiet night. BEWARE! (But enjoy! LOL!)

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Lastly, I couldn't help but admire the cinematography and sound effects of the drama. I was so immersed in watching each episode! I had to pull back a little when the CGIs were getting too intense or when the background audio sounds too haunting! As I said, I hate horror movies, but I was so impressed by how I got hooked to this drama because of the overall solid production.

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Of course, as with all epic Korean dramas, this one teaches you something about love: that it's scary sometimes, but it's quite beautiful, too. It depicts why some things (or some people) are worth fighting for. It also makes you realize the value of doing what you love and sticking by whom you love.

I'd Recommend It To:

Anyone looking for a Korean drama series with a whole new (albeit slightly frightening) spin on love stories.

P.S. Make sure you don't get easily spooked by horror stories, of course!

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