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Why You Should Watch 'So Cosmo'

The new E! reality show gives an exclusive pass to the ~*glamorous*~ world of 'Cosmopolitan' magazine in NYC.
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The Long Plot, Sans Spoilers

The show takes us inside the Cosmopolitan HQ housed in the gleaming Hearst Tower in New York City. Joanna Coles (Cosmopolitan EIC) saunters into the office in her signature black power suit; she's keeping a big secret from her team. She confides in only two people about her upcoming "announcement" that's sure to spark a heavy dose of ~*drama*~. We meet the colorful cast of the Cosmo team who are just the right balance of catty and charismatic. Each of the members give us an introduction to the different departments that make the magazinefrom fashion and beauty to special events and fitness. We get to take a peek into an actual Cosmo cover shoot (with actress Ruby Rose), an office romance, and some juicy conflict between staff members. By the end of the episode, Joanna finally reveals her big announcement. And trust us, it is HUGE.  

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The Short, Honest Plot 

Stylish wardrobes. Drama, tears, and a "fire island" of sass. Invites to the glitziest events in NYC. A reality TV show—no, this isn’t Keeping Up with the Kardashians. It's So Cosmo.

The Cast And What They Do

Joanna Coles, Editor-In-Chief

The big boss of the Cosmopolitan team. She has a treadmill in her office and uses it in heels.  

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Leah Wyar Romito, Exec. Beauty Editor

Leah juggles leading the beauty department while being a hands-on mom to her two-year-old son. Joanna dubbed her as an "editor-in-chief in waiting."

Tiffany Reid, Sen. Fashion Editor

Tiffany works with major designers to source clothes exclusively for Cosmo. She only wants clear hangers for her clothes.

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James DeMolet, Sen. Fashion Editor

James works alongside Tiffany to create the fashion pages of the magazine. His expertise is styling celebs and models for editorials.

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Adam Mansuroglu, Fashion Editor

Adam works under Tiffany and James in the fashion department and is training to be a celeb stylist. He's a self-proclaimed Cosmo Girl.

Steven Brown, Booking Director

Steven is responsible for booking the celebs and models for the magazine. He loves taking selfies.

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Diandra Barnwell, Brand Coordinator

Diandra handles all special projects and events for the magazine. Most people in the team don't actually know what she doesespecially Steven.

Evan Betts, Personal Trainer

Evan is the hunky fitness expert who applies as Cosmo's Fitness Contributor and gets flirty with Diandra. Spoiler: He gets the job and the girl.

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Did You Know?

1. So Cosmo is not the first reality television show about the magazine industry. MTV's The Hills featured Lauren Conrad's internship with Teen Vogue way back in 2006. In 2008, CW premiered Stylista, with the prize being a paid editorial position at Elle magazine. And in 2009, Running in Heels focused on the daily lives of three interns at U.S. Marie Claire

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2. Joanna Coles became editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan in 2012. She recently accepted a promotion to become Hearst's first Chief Content Officer, supervising the company's magazines in the U.S. and internationally.

3. Leah Wyar Romito started working for Cosmopolitan as Beauty Director in 2009. In 2014 she was promoted to Executive Beauty Director for both Cosmopolitan and Seventeen magazines.

4. Steven Brown is Cosmopolitan's Booking Director. He booked supermodel Kate Upton for her first U.S. women’s magazine cover with Cosmopolitan.

5. Diandra Barnwell is currently the Brand Coordinator for Cosmopolitan. Previously, she won the editorial assistant position on the second episode of CBS's 2013 show The Job.

6. Evan Betts is Cosmopolitan's new Fitness Contributor. He's also a model under Wilhelmina Modelsthe same agency that represents Kelsey Merritt!

7. Matthew Hussey, Cosmopolitan's Relationship Contributor, is a New York Times bestselling author. He was a matchmaker on NBC's Ready for Love.

What I Think:

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I LOVED IT—and not just because I currently work at If you're a fan of Keeping Up with the Kardashians, then you'll love So Cosmo. It's everything I like about reality television: The rapid-fire one-liners, the drama (Real or reel? You decide.), the gorgeous wardrobes (do they actually OWN the clothes they wear?), and the horrible cliffhangers (no spoilers here, people!). Is it similar to my job? Not really—but it’s fun to imagine what we’d be able to do if we had that kind of budget.

JC (Joanna Coles, not JC Santos) sweeps through the room like a hurricane on heels, and the rest of her incredibly well-dressed staff strive to follow. If all this publishing drama happened in real life, you can be sure the girls would NOT have the time to do those brows justice. Take note, though, that Joanna Coles is no Miranda Priestly. Her first rule? "Always say both names. That's what a man would do. You can use that," she adds to someone off-camera. "But quote me."

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Thoughts I had while watching So Cosmo:

"Does Diandra have her brows done professionally?"

"I wish we had a fitness instructor at"

"Fire island needs to exist at work—I need fashion advice, STAT."

"If there really was a fire everyone would be dead."

"Joanna Coles’ treadmill desk is something I desperately need in life."

"Monthly readers' nights with cheese platters and disastrous date confessions: Sign me up!"


Being in for a few years has already given me an insider's knowledge on what goes on in the publishing industry (in my case, digital publishing), but So Cosmo puts it on a much grander scale. Set in the monumental Hearst Tower in New York, So Cosmo gives both reality TV fanatics and the magazine's loyal readers an exclusive look at what actually happens behind the brand of the biggest women's magazine in the world. Of course, not everything is 100% real in the show (What is these days, anyway?)with the *ehem fabricated* romance between two co-workers (I know what you’re thinking: Straight guys actually work at Cosmo?! Believe me, they DO.), and the overly dramatized big announcement of Joanna Coles to her team. I mean, you do not drop that huge truth bomb on them during an informal meeting. Like, really?

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But apart from all the drama and intrigue that's expected of a reality show, the one thing that I loved about So Cosmo is that it doesn’t focus on just the big boss but on a diverse staff as well. The show tries to make their viewers understand and ultimately realize that to create something big, beautiful, and meaningfullike Cosmotakes a whole team to do. And each and every person in the team matters. That's how we do it at Cosmo. — Jacinda

We'd Recommend It To:

Anyone who has an interest in fashion, magazines, and, of course, drama. Whether you just have a casual interest in it or are seriously passionate in getting your foot in the door, So Cosmo will definitely educate you about the New York publishing industry. The show is for everyone who's wondered who's behind all those beautiful glossies and, at the same time, anyone who's worked behind the scenes to take part in creating those beautiful glossies. — Jacinda

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Cosmo Girls. Diehard fans of The Devil Wears Prada. Anna Wintour wannabes. So Cosmo isn’t a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the publishing world; you have The September Issue for that. Instead, it owns its "guilty pleasure" status. From the opening shot of high heels clicking across the Manhattan sidewalk, to tips on how to flirt when lining up at Starbucks, viewers are guaranteed an inside look at the glitz and glamour of the Big Apple. Give So Cosmo a chance—I guarantee you’ll be obsessed in less than a New York minute. ~*winks*~ — Andie

Catch So Cosmo at 7 p.m. every Sunday on E!

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