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How Looking Like Katy Perry Nearly Ruined This Actress' Career

And no, her name isn't Zooey Deschanel.

Meet Francesca Brown, a 31-year-old actress in London, England, who says she is commonly mistaken for Katy Perry. In an interview with, Francesca also revealed that her likeness to the pop star hurt her career.

"I was going up for auditions, and I kept getting the comparison to Katy Perry," she told the site. "For some reason—I don't know why—it was costing me jobs."

She tried to change her appearance to look less like Katy, but it didn't help that the star is a style chameleon. "It's hard to find a hair color that Katy Perry hasn't tried!" she said. "I went [for] a normal brown color, but I still got mistaken as her so then I went blonde, but I still got mistaken as her. Then she went blonde so I went back dark."

While she works as a Katy Perry impersonator, for acting auditions she changes up her look to minimize the comparison. "I do something really different, like braid my hair all back and hardly wear any makeup."

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Despite the inconvenience, Francesca says that being compared to Katy "is really nice because all of her fans [have] been so happy and lovely." Life! A series of trade-offs.


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