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How Michelle Madrigal Achieved Her Post-Pregnancy Figure

Michelle aims to inspire others to stick to their goals.

Michelle Madrigal recently took to Instagram to show her before-and-after body transformation that took a year to achieve. The former actress and current wellness coach gave birth to her first daughter Annika in October 2017.

Michelle said that she initially wanted to shed pounds so she could get back to her pre-pregnancy weight. But once she achieved that goal, she worked harder by setting another goal to build muscle mass around her legs, glutes, and back saying, “I knew how I WANTED to feel about my body.”

She shared that the journey has been a great one for her as she also learned the importance of properly fueling her body and doing exercises that worked best for her.

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While she wasn’t always motivated, she stuck to her goal and offered important advice to those who are also setting their personal goals for the year by saying, “In order to get new results, you’ll have to do something you’ve never done before.” She also thanked her husband Troy Woolfolk for helping her achieve her fitness goals.

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