How To Perfect Your Beach OOTD Pose, As Seen On Celebs

It’s all about finding the right angle.
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/janinegutierrez, (RIGHT) Instagram/_gabbigarcia

Want to show off the abs you worked hard for or that new swimsuit you just bought, but not quite sure how to? Say no more, because you can learn from the experts themselves: your favorite celebrities! Scroll down and allow them to teach you some of the easiest beach poses you can try on your next trip.

  1. Rule #1: Stand on your tippy toes to look taller.

  2. Strike a pose on the hammock before dozing off under the warm sun.

  3. Stand or sit on those beach rocks!

  4. Have someone take your photo as you ascend from the sea or pool.

  5. Lay on your stomach and strike a pose! Super easy!

  6. Pose under the shade of a palm tree for a full-on tropical effect.

  7. Pose on all corners of the boat!

  8. Don’t just surf, use the surfboard as a prop, too!

  9. Or a paddle board!

  10. Dip your feet in the pool and look sideways at the camera.

  11. Kneel on the sand with the sea as your backdrop.

  12. If the buildings are nicer than the water, take the shot from the sea.

  13. Look straight at the camera with the sea behind you to show off your no-makeup look!

  14. Lean on the edge of an infinity pool. Classic.

  15. Shore walk, emo moment and all.

  16. If you have the tools, why not! Use a drone or a GoPro to take a great top shot like this!

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