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It's Legit: 'I'm Drunk, I Love You' Is Getting A Sequel

It's called 'I Love You, I Do.'
PHOTO: Instagram/idilymovie

I'm calling it: Carson and Dio are end game. Or not! But there's definitely hope for the two characters (played by Maja Salvador and Paulo Avelino respectively) to at least have a more solid ending. 2017's I'm Drunk, I Love You left off with the two best friends graduating from college after their epic (and relationship-changing) La Union getaway. Things were awkward, to say the least, after Carson professed her pent-up feelings for her BFF of seven years. (Spoiler: Dio did not feel the same way but only said it after a totally a-hole move.)

Almost two years after IDILY hit cinemas, director and writer JP Habac teased a picture of what looks like the script of the sequel, titled I Love You, I Do. On Twitter, he wrote, "Magandang araw, mga bata!"

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While we know next to nothing of the sequel apart from its title, we do hope that leads Maja and Paulo will still star in it. Will it be a film about the besties patching things up and falling in love in their 30s? Will Pathy (yes, with an H) and Jason Ty make appearances?

We're all just waiting for answers but 'til then, let's take a listen to one of the film's original songs, "Huling Gabi":

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