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New Study Says iPhone Users Are More Materialistic Than Android Users

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There’s no denying that owning an Apple product, especially ~*the latest*~ iPhone, is some sort of status symbol. Before you start hating on us, think about it. We see a lot of people humble bragging about their new iPhones, but we hardly ever hear anyone—apart from true techies—flaunt their new Android phones. It is a godsend for all status-obsessed millennials out there.

So, in a way, we shouldn’t be too surprised to find out that this theory has some scientific backing. Researchers from the University of Lincoln and the University of Lancaster wanted to know the correlation between our characters and the devices we own: “The goal of the study was to be able to pre-determine what kind of phone a person might have, based on his or her personality.” Over the course of one year, they interviewed 530 participants, and found out that iPhone users tended to be more superficial than Android owners. They also happen to be younger than Android users: “In comparison to Android users, we found that iPhone owners are more likely to be female, younger, and increasingly concerned about their smartphone being viewed as a status object.”

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Even more surprising is that iPhone users are apparently less honest, less humble, and more emotional.

Obviously, there are a lot of materialistic, braggy, dishonest Android owners out there, so you know, take this with a grain of salt.  

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