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Is He The Hottest Math Teacher In The World?

Why yes!

When a student at University College, London realized that his math lecturer was actually a male model, he did what any millennial would do—he snapped a photo and uploaded it on social media.

And of course the photo went instantly viral! The man is ridiculously good looking and really, really hot. 

Ladies, meet Pietro Boselli. He’s a 25-year-old Italian male model, fitness buff, and Math teacher with a PhD in Engineering. Yup, exactly the type you’d want to bring home to mom and make beautiful and intelligent babies with.

We stalked his Instagram account (@pietroboselli is his username, you’re welcome!) and picked some of our favorite photos:

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All of a sudden, we want to learn algebra and calculus again.

And maybe tutoring sessions after class hours won’t be so bad?

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One-on-one tutoring sessions, that is.

Hey Pietro, if you were a triangle, you’d be acute one.

Here he is as Superman:


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And with a heater, because #normal: