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Sad News: IZ*ONE Is Disbanding In April

Here's where you can catch them together one last time, WIZ*ONE.
PHOTO: YouTube/Stone Music Entertainment

It's a sad day for WIZ*ONE all over the world. 

According to its management companies Swing Entertainment and Off The Record, South Korean-Japanese girl group IZ*ONE will officially be disbanding. 

According to Soompi, the agencies released a statement on March 10 regarding the extent of the group's future activities, stating that the "IZ*ONE project will end in April." This includes all fan content and social media updates.


WIZ*ONE, or the official fandom name of IZ*ONE, will still have a chance to connect with their idols together for one last time on March 13 and 14, with the group's online concert entitled, ONE, THE STORY.

"We express gratitude to WIZ*ONE who have given love and support to IZ*ONE until now, and we ask that much support be given for the members’ future activities," read the statement. "The IZ*ONE members are currently working their hardest to meet fans at the concert."

IZ*ONE—made up of 12 members Kwon Eun BiMiyawaki Sakura, Choi Yena, Kang Hye Won, Lee Chae Yeon, Kim Chae Won, Kim Min JuYabuki Nako, Honda Hitomi, Jo Yu Ri, An Yu Jin, and Jang Won Youngwas officially launched in October 2018 after winning a reality program called Produce 48. The project was slated to run for just two and a half years. 

IZ*ONE on Produce 48

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Their hits include "La Vie En Rose," "Panorama," and "Beware."

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