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James And Nadine Reveal Why They Were Holding Hands In The Plane


Remember the picture of James Reid and Nadine Lustre that went viral over the weekend? You know, the one with them “holding hands while sleeping” (HHWS)…

Yes, THAT picture.

So, of course, the two were grilled by the media about that viral snap!

In a report by ABS-CBN, Nadine explained they were holding hands because of a physical condition she had:

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''Kasi yung katawan ko is always parang nangangalay. I always get tired, namamanhid. No, not namamanhid. Nangangalay ako.”

Uhm, Nadz, ano ba talaga

James also went to say that he was “being there” for Nadine who happens to be afraid of airplane turbulence.


Here, we have a clip of their interview:

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Look at those awkward smiles...Their blushing cheeks...Guys, ANO NA?!

Well, whatever they are–best friends or lovers or both–their chemistry is undeniable. KILIIIIIG!

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