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JaDine's First Kiss On 'OTWOL' Was Actually Really Awkward

LOL, here's an outtake to prove it.

What we see on television is only around 5% (a rough estimate, no actual stats) of what actually happens behind the scenes. I mean really, how could you make out with a person with like a room full of people watching your every move?

James Reid and Nadine Lustre made it seem soooo effortless as they kissed for the first time (more like seven times??) on their hit teleserye, On The Wings Of Love. This outtake of the viral kissing scene shows an awkward Nadine trying her best not to burst into laughter (she fails miserably, of course) while a 360-degree camera noisily rotates around her and James.

How romantic is that? 

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Watch James Reid And Nadine Lustre Share Their First Onscreen Kiss!

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