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Jake Ejercito On Co-Parenting With Andi Eigenmann: 'Marami kami napagdaanan bago dumating sa point na ito'

It took years before they found the right balance.
Jake Ejercito Shares His Thoughts On Co-Parenting With Andi Eigenmann
PHOTO: Instagram/unoemilio

ICYMI, Francine Diaz recently uploaded the first episode of a new series on her channel called Gandang Gabi Ghorl (GGG) where she ~grills~ her guests by asking them various questions. Her first guest is Jake Ejercito, and the two of them had fun discussing topics about love and life in general.

In the interview, many of the questions were about how he's raising his daughter Ellie. According to him, his daughter is a very active kid and would often spend her days in Siargao riding a bike or hanging out on the beach. That's why whenever she's with him, he would encourage her to read books like Harry Potter. 

When asked about his most memorable experience with Ellie, Jake shared that every moment he spends with his daughter is memorable. Since Ellie is at Siargao with Andi Eigenmann most of the time, he revealed that he can't help but "spoil" her but every time she's with him. "Kahit ayaw ko man, parang I have no choice but i-spoil siya kasi minsan lang kami magkasama."


When Francine asked him how he would feel when the time comes that Ellie would already have suitors. Jake's answer was blunt and straight to the point, LOL! "Hindi pa ako ready. Feeling ko mamomroblema na 'ko in a couple of years," he joked.

The topic of his co-parenting set-up with Andi also came up. Francine asked the actor how he handles this situation, and he opened up about how difficult it was for the first few years. "Hindi siya madali. Marami na rin kami napagdaanan bago kami dumating sa point na 'to where we found the right balance. Marami kaming napagdaanan na ups-and-downs na parang rollercoaster."

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"Siyempre kasi when we became parents, 21 lang kami pareho. Then siyempre, yung pride, yung immaturity... it took a while. [It took] years bago kami dumating sa point na inuuna namin yung welfare ni Ellie."

Jake previously mentioned in an interview with Cinema News that Ellie had a hard time adjusting to their set-up. Fortunately, the three of them found the perfect balance that keeps their daughter happy.

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