Jamie Dornan Doesn't Feel Comfortable About Stripping

It's okay, Jamie, we're totally comfortable seeing YOU naked.

Jamie Dornanwho obviously has a ton of nude scenes in Fifty Shades of Grey, admits he doesn't enjoy taking his clothes off in front of a lot of people and found it tough to strip for his sex scenes for the film.

When asked how it was to film the steamy scenes, he said: "It's work. There's no other way to approach it [than] just accepting that you're doing intimate things with lots of people you don't know well in a room with you. The physical side of it, the nakedness, that was still hard. I tried my best not to end up naked too much when I was modeling."

"I'm never entirely comfortable with that, although Google Images would probably deny that fact. I've never seen a picture of myself with my shirt off and thought, 'That looks good,'" he said.

Jamie also shares that he got to know himself more while filming his role as Christian Grey. He told Time Out magazine: "That's what's great fun about choosing this profession—you find out a lot about yourself.  I had a decent sense, I think, of his torture, of people misunderstanding him, of his struggle for love and acceptance.  He's an extremely powerful guy, but I think there's a big element of Christian that is unfulfilled. I don't mean it is in any way parallel with my own life, but I just felt early on that I had an understanding of that and so I felt comfortable when I went to play him."

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