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Jamie Scott From One Tree Hill Is A Proper Teenager Now

And with Nathan and Haley as parents, we can only assume he's a good man.

Today in, "OMG that kid from that thing is no longer a kid," Jamie Scott from One Tree Hill aged. A LOT.

Jackson Brundage, who played Haley and Nathan’s 5-year-old son, is now 14. Which means we are officially ancient. 

Side note: doesn’t it look like Niall from One Direction and Justin Bieber had a love child? #JustSayin

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Jackson was notably missing from the recent One Tree Hill cast reunion, probably because they were all boozing. Or because he and dad Nathan (also absent) were out shooting hoops while Haley had a well-deserved night out to let her hair down as we imagine she’s been really hectic lately running Red Bedroom Records .

Yeah, still not over it. 

Also worth noting, Jamie is still pals with Skills:

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