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All Of Janella Salvador's *Best Actress* Moments As Emma In 'The Killer Bride,' So Far

'Such a good actress, Emma. Tigilan mo na magpanggap.'
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The Killer Bride, our new favorite teleserye, is making everyone feel so many things (fear, kilig, excitement) and has even made us want to wear red lipstick more often! And if you still haven't watched it, I'm telling you now: WATCH IT. 

Here's a refresher: The show led us to believe that Camila (Maja Salvador) is dead and that she's possessing the body of poor, innocent Emma (Janella Salvador). Well, we were all fooled because Camila is definitely alive and is actually working with Emma to wreak havoc in the town of Las Espadas. They plan to take revenge on all the people who hurt Camila in the past, including Vito (Geoff Eigenmann), her past love and the father of her dead baby. However, there's one important person who doesn't believe Emma, someone who actually has a crush on her: Vito's godchild Elias (Joshua Garcia).  

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We still can't get over that plot twist and the fact that Emma was acting all along! Here, seven of Emma's best moments from the show, so far: 

1. When she first arrived in Las Espadas

Remember that meet-cute where Elias lost his balance and fell from the chair he was standing on and somehow he and Emma fell on the ground together? TOTALLY STAGED. Emma actually kicked the chair and rigged the whole encounter!   

2. When she gate-crashed Guada's party and claimed that she was Camila (for the first time)

Barefoot and dressed in her nightie, Emma goes to the mansion and announces that she's Camila. To prove it, she addresses each member of Camila's family and tells them things that only Camila would know about. She's so convincing that Camila's lola, Guada (Aurora Sevilla), apologizes to her and asks her to stay with them! 

3. When she made Vito tear up because of what he did to Camila 

After hearing all the rumors, Vito rushes to the morgue to talk to Emma and tell her to stop the act. She pretends to recognize him from Camila's memories, refusing to admit that someone's giving her instructions. "Bakit po kayo apektado? 'Di ba hinayaan niyo siyang makulong? Noong tinalikuran siya ng lahat, 'di ba kasama ka doon?" 

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4. When she ~transformed~ into Camila as Tito Luciano threatened her 

She repeats a conversation between Luciano (Cris Villanueva) and Camila's lolo (Eddie Gutierrez) WORD FOR WORD. Creeped out, Luciano takes several steps back. How could she possibly know those things, right? It took place more than a decade ago! *Claps for Emma* 

5. When she confronted Luna and asked if her dad remembered their love affair

Luna (Alexa Ilacad), Vito's daughter, has made it her life's goal to bully Emma as much as she can. With her posse, Luna corners her one day but our girl Emma has a few more tricks up her sleeve. She stays silent for a moment, parts her hair, and says: "Kumusta na ang daddy mo, Luna? Kinukwento niya ba ako sa'yo? Did he tell you what a passionate love affair he and Tita Camila had? Nagseselos ba si mommy sa'kin?" GOLD.  

6. When she tried to convince Elias that she was telling the truth 

It must be hard to convince someone you like that you're not a liar, when you actually are. After Elias says, "ayoko sa sinungaling at manloloko," and accuses her of using the Dela Torres for money, Emma gets mad and tells him that she never wanted any of this!

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7. When she absolutely refused to break character until Camila said so

Late one night, Emma goes to the abandoned chapel where Camila and Vito used to meet and comes face to face with...Camila. Emma looks terrified, her eyes are huge and she's breathing really slowly. She only lets go of the act when Camila says, "Such a good actress, Emma. Tigilan mo na magpanggap. Wala nang ibang tao." 

Here's to more exciting Emma moments! 

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