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Janine Berdin's Response To DJ Loonyo's NAIA Rant Is So Hilarious

Things escalated quickly.
DJ Loonyo and Janine Berdin
PHOTO: (Left to right) Instagram/djloonyo, Instagram/janineberdin

ICYMI, DJ Loonyo and Janine Berdin are currently in a social media "bardagulan. This is because of Janine’s meme about a petition to change the name of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) to DJ Loonyo International Airport.

Janine Berdin's petition to change NAIA's name to DJ Loonyo International Airport
Facebook/Janine Berdin

However, what seemed to be a petty thing to Janine did not sit well with the party in question, prompting DJ Loonyo to send a private message to Janine on Instagram.


Janine quickly responded and explained to DJ Loonyo that it was not her intention to do harm, and assured him that people wouldn’t think negatively of him because of what she did.

Despite this, DJ Loonyo reiterated that the issue is not funny at all. In the comments section, he asked his followers to respect others and be sensitive about what they post online.

Kung wala kayong magawa, pagtripan niyo sarili niyo wag ibang tao.”

Maging sensitive tayo minsan, di natin alam pinagdadaanan ng isa’t isa satin.”

Ini-expect ko yung mga matagal na or kahit papano nauna sa industriya ay kahit papano alam ang “RESPETO NA LANG SANA”.”

Pero para katuwaan sigeeee, Go lang, kahit iba na yung napuntahan ng KATUWAAN.

Weird shit!!!”

PANGALAN MO SAYO YUNG AIRPORT, Baka ikaw yung may gusto hindi ako.”

DJ Loonyo and Janine Berdin's direct messages
Facebook/DJ Loonyo
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DJ Loonyo's comment on his Facebook page
Facebook/DJ Loonyo

Janine's response proved that her initial post was from a lighthearted place. She posted another meme, but this time she changed the airport’s name to hers.

shet oo nga huhuhuh,” Janine wrote in the caption.

Janine Berdin changed NAIA's name to hers
Facebook/Janine Berdin

Janine also seemed to have felt offended after DJ Loonyo leaked their private conversation, so she took it to Instagram to explain her side.

Janine Berdin's IG story
Facebook/DJ Loonyo

To which, DJ Loonyo still replied to on his Facebook page:

Sige po ma’am ikaw na tama,”

Kahit pinagtatawanan, binabash, at nilalait na sa comment, KATUWAAN PARIN, grabe yung mindset.”


Ingat tayo ma’am, baka mag-boomerang yan sayo, Pinagdaanan ko na yan, nadapa, natuto at gino-goal mas maging better.”

Sana ganun din sayo, hindi yung pag walang magawa, ay manttrip ng iba

DJ Loonyo's last FB post
Facebook/DJ Loonyo

We'll keep you updated with Janine and DJ Loonyo's online exchange.