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Jason Magbanua Announced His First 3 Picks For #JMagWillWorkForFree!

He's chosen to document a single lady, an engaged couple, and public school students.
PHOTO: Instagram/jasonmagbanua

Wedding videographer Jason Magbanua sent a public callout in April offering his services free of charge to literally anyone–just as long as the pitch was creative enough to spark his interest.

With his hashtag #jmagwillworkforfree going viral, thousands of respondents (7,000++)–mostly engaged couples–sent in their pitches for a chance to have their wedding documented by the wedding videographer. But in a recent Facebook post by Jason, he announced he’s going beyond wedding videography for his chosen clients, writing:

'I became a magnet for a lot of stories which needed to be told, topics and subjects that could use the medium of video to find an audience.

More than couples wanting their weddings to be filmed, advocacies poured in which I may never have had the chance to know about if I didn’t post about 'free.'"

With that being said, Jason already chose three very ~diverse~ entries whose projects he’ll start working on very, very soon. Here are their stories:

1. In a small town in Leyte, students walk kilometers at a time, barefoot(!), back and forth just to go to school. Next week we will fly out and document their story to share to you in the hopes of raising enough funds to buy each and every student a pair of shoes.

2. I already met Nikko and April last week. They’re set to get married in December this year. April arrested me with prose in Filipino—which I have a soft spot for. Her words—

'Ang point ko lang naman po ay marahil marami sa atin ang naghahanap ng pag-ibig sa maling pananaw. Madalas naghahanap ng mala teleseryeng ala Mula sa Puso ang peg. Ang media nga naman. Ang natagpuan ko po kasing pag-ibig ay boring, nakakatamad subaybayan, di makatawag pansin, hindi romantic...pero totoo at sigurado.'

3. Now this third one—this is special—because she’s single with no immediate Prince Charming in sight. But the funny thing is, we might not even need a Prince for this story. Who says a person can’t be happy by herself? It’s intriguing. Dulce writes—

'It can be a story of fear of never ever getting married at all. It can be a story of hope, of trust in a Plan. I know that being married is NOT the one and only way to spend a meaningful [life.]
I know that. There are friends, family, community, yourself. 
But still. It would really be nice if someone knew how you wanted your coffee.'

Now, that’s INTERESTING.

Jason Magbanua is set to announce his last three entries. We wonder whose stories he’ll be telling...

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