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WATCH: Jason Magbanua's SDE Of Nikki Gil And BJ Albert's Wedding!

Aptly called 'Right Time,' this video will make you believe in fate. Cue the tears!

BJ Albert: "God gave me exactly what I needed. Someone beautiful inside and out....I cannot believe that He had all of this planned out even before the first day I set my eyes upon you in school, when I was too torpe to go up to you and introduce myself."

Nikki Gil: "I'm excited to make memories with you, to travel with you, cook for you, play video games with you, put up Christmas trees with you, change diapers, change careers, learn new things. But even if none of these things we hoped for turn out the way we want, rest assured that I will still love you every day, until we're old and grey."

Okay, while we go grab a box of tissues and cry, continue watching this same-day edit of Nikki and BJ's wedding. The two got married at the Sta. Elena Golf Country Club in Sta. Rosa, Laguna on Saturday, November 21. If you're jaded about #Pag-ibig, Jason Magbanua's video is the perfect antidote for you. Remember: There is a right time aka Tamang Panahon for everything. These two lovebirds prove exactly that.

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