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Jennica Garcia-Uytingco Shares The Wonders Of Raising Kids Gadget-Free

Jennica is seeing the benefits of raising kids gadget-free.

Jennica Garcia-Uytingco shared an Instagram post on March 22 recounting the joys of raising kids gadget-free.

Jennica said that her eldest, three-year-old Athena Mori, was able to keep herself busy with no help while they were out shopping. She said that she wanted to share her story to “encourage parents who raise gadget-free children or those who try to limit the exposure to media to continue what you started.”

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Jennica continued, “In her imaginative mind, she turned a simple chair into a washing machine. A candle holder became a watering can and a picture frame became a blackboard (her fingers were her pretend chalk.) She came up to me to ask if we can go. I said Tatay needs to pay first. What she did next was open her book and rest comfortably on a couch. To think she cannot even read yet! For a whole hour and a half, Mori was such a joy to be with.”

In the past, Jennica shared that Mori would get into tantrums if she wanted to use her phone or got too bored. “She finally understood that whining, screaming, crying will not get her what she wants,” Jennica said.

Finally, Jennica advised parents to be clear on what is allowed and what isn’t while being calm and respectful to the child. She also said, “the most important part is modelling the right attitude by refraining them from using your phone when they are awake. Read a book, do hand work, chores, and they will mimic this without you asking them to do so.”

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“All our efforts to make her enjoy the simple things in life, our desire for her to know how to play on her own... It paid off,” Jennica said.

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