Spotted: Jennylyn Mercado And Dennis Trillo In The Maldives!

These two really like keeping things private, no?

It’s a rare sight to see ~actual~ pictures of Jennylyn Mercado and Dennis Trillo together in one frame. The rumored couple (former exes way back when, FYI) have been dodging questions about their relationship status since last year.

After going on a not-so-secret Amsterdam vacay last November, we have another sighting of Jen and Dennis–this time in the Maldives!

The lovers were photographed at the Beehive Hotel by a fellow Pinoy. The two were reportedly celebrating Jen’s 29th birthday. 


Jen and Dennis have also been posting pics of their diving activities (they're both water sports enthusiasts), but, as usual, never of them together. So sneaky, you two!


We want more couple pics! Enjoy the beach, DenJen! <3

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