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Jericho Rosales Was The 'Best Assistant' To Kim Jones During NYFW

It's part of his #BetterHusbandProject!
PHOTO: Instagram/martsromero

Kim Jones usually flies solo whenever she gets invited to a major fashion event.

But for her most recent trip to New York for New York Fashion Week, she was accompanied by her husband Jericho Rosales who knew that in his wife's world, he would not be the star.

So the actor, who's used to having his photos taken, became Kim's photographer.

And as part of his "better husband project," he gladly did more tasks like "keeping schedules, getting Uber rides, and steaming clothes," as written on his Instagram post.

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Referring to Kim's job, Jericho also mentioned that the "stint" made him see "the results of all the hard work you've put into your career (and hair)" and that "makes me so proud."

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He was such a supportive husband, too, and ended his post with: "Keep doing what you do. I got your back. (And bags) #KimsBestAssistantEver"

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Meanwhile, photographer Martin Romero was able to take a photo of the stylish couple.

Jericho commented, "Someone from the future and someone from the (a)- talyer."