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Jessy Mendiola Answered Netizen Who Said: 'Kulang kayo sa pansin'

Headlines, hot news, and conversation starters on January 24, 2018!
PHOTO: Instagram/senorita_jessy
  1. We all know by now that Jessy Mendiola is not one to back down from haters. On January 23, she posted this photo of her and boyfriend Luis Manzano:

    Almost immediately, user @sheilaprinsesa commented, "Sana po ate [kaysa] mag-po-post kayo o ibalandra [niyo] iyong katawan [niyo]. Try [niyo] po muna tumulong sa iba. Promise mas masarap po ang mag-post sa Instagram na puno ng pagmamahal iyong ginagawa [niyo] po... [kaysa] sa parang kulang lang po kayo sa pansin...just saying, ate..."

    To which Jessy replied, "Bakit ko naman i-po-post online 'yung pagtulong ko? 'Yung ganong bagay pribado 'yun. Tsaka anong pagbabalandra ng katawan sinasabi mo? Nakikita mong nakadamit naman kami ni Luis sa post na 'to. Masyado mong napapansin posts ko, unfollow ka na lang. Mwah." [PEP]

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  2. Kris Aquino took to Instagram to reminisce about a day in Italy she spent with Mayor Herbert Bautista

    In the caption, she thanked her ex for praying with her before she made a big career move: "He took that free day from the 2017 peace talks to give in to my wish to really pray in as many churches as possible... I texted him last night to share good news about new endorsements. And I THANKED HIM—because he prayed [with] me when my one prayer was to just be given a chance to say goodbye properly to a career I loved passionately and for God to heal me [with] the gift of becoming okay again..." Aww! <3

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  3. John Lloyd Cruz has been nominated under the category of Supporting Actor in the 15th International Cinephile Society (ICS) Awards. JLC earned praise for his portrayal of Hollanda in Ang Babaeng Humanyo, a transgender streetwalker. Congratulations!

  4. Elisse Joson, who's starring in The Good Son alongside rumored suitor and love team partner McCoy de Leon, has no problem with McCoy being friends with her ex-boyfriend Jerome Ponce. She told PEP, "Lahat naman ng boys sa The Good Son, friends sila. Sa akin, alam [ko] naman kung ano ang dapat at hindi...kung gusto nilang maging friends, sige."

    Elisse admitted, however, that she and Jerome don't talk on set: "Siyempre work kasi ito, and wala na rin naman dapat pang problemahin when it comes to the past. Usap o batian? Hindi naman kasi kami masyadong nagkakaeksena, so walang chance. Wala namang ganun."

  5. In December 2017, SHINee's Jonghyun tragically passed away. On January 23, his agency, S.M. Entertainment, released Jonghyun's final album called "Poet | Artist."

    In a statement, S.M. said, "Jonghyun loved music more than anyone and tried to communicate through music, and we hope that his feelings will be conveyed to everyone."

    Moreover, "all the profits from the sale of this album will be given to Jonghyun’s mother, and will be the foundation for the establishment of an organization to help those who are living in difficult circumstances."

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