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Jim Bacarro On Fatherhood: 'Nothing about this was normal'

Jim opens up about his parenting journey with Saab Magalona.
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/saabmagalona, (RIGHT) Instagram/saabmagalona

In a heartfelt Instagram post, musician Jim Bacarro opened up about what he went through with wife Saab Magalona after the death of their daughter Luna Isabel: "I learned what it meant to be a father the moment I held my daughter and had to let her go," he shared. 

On March 6, 2018, Saab revealed via that she gave birth to her twins, and that one of them had died. She wrote, "On February 8, we lost our baby girl." 


She recounted how she had been in and out of the ICU, adding that she herself almost didn't make it. At the time of her blog post, her baby boy (named Pancho Gerardo) was still in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, fighting for his life. Pancho was brought home after Easter, on April 5. 

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Jim imparted on Instagram: "After losing our daughter Luna, I didn't even have time to grieve. I would go between two ICUs to see Saab and Pancho. It was a series of tests and 'today this is the problem, and we're not sure what it is, and not sure what to do.' No answers and no proposed solutions."

"But somehow, each time I entered one of those rooms, Saab and Pancho would give me a burst of hope. I'd come in, Saab would be smiling, just happy to see me while Pancho would do little things to show he was fighting—a little kick, smirk, or yawn would make my day. Nothing about this was normal. It was beyond our capacity as humans to deal with such a trial."

Pancho is now home and safe, as seen in Saab's many adorable photos of her baby boy on Instagram:


Saab also posted a health update for Pancho: "See that little bump on Pancho's head? That's an Ommaya Reservoir, a small silicone catheter put under his scalp when he was just a few days old. The reservoir was periodically tapped to relieve pressure on his brain caused by the buildup of excess fluids. So thankful for everyone's prayers because he no longer needs the reservoir. God is good! Pancho will be undergoing surgery to remove it this Friday, May 11, so we ask for more prayers please for Pancho and his amazing doctors."


Jim ended his Instagram post with: "It's not your typical story of parenthood, but Saab and I are beyond convention and that's our story."

Read Jim's full post here:


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