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John Lloyd Cruz Is On Leave

He'll be away from showbiz indefinitely.

John Lloyd Cruz has taken an indefinite leave of absence from showbiz, as announced in the official press statement of his home network, ABS-CBN.

The statement was posted on the Instagram account @abscbnpr on October 6, 2017, Friday. It reads, "ABS-CBN and John Lloyd Cruz have agreed for him to take an indefinite leave of absence to attend to personal matters. John Lloyd will be taking a break outside the country and will return to ABS-CBN after his leave of absence."

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Today, October 7, 2017, John Lloyd posted a video on Instagram suggesting that he is already in transit.

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Fashionpulis, on the other hand, posted a shot of John Lloyd Cruz with Ellen Adarna on an Emirates flight. There is no word yet on where the two are off to. 

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Calm after the drama?

The news comes weeks after John Lloyd was embroiled in social media drama, as videos and photos of him seemingly inebriated with actress Ellen Adarna spread across the Internet. He later apologized for his behavior in an Instagram post.

Days later, he instigated another heated argument among fans and bashers when he posted photos of artworks, toilet bowls, and poop, to name a few. Is he okay? Is he merely expressing heaps of pent-up emotions?

Whatever the matinee idol is going through, we do hope he comes out of it a happier and freer actor.