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Johnny Depp Is Hollywood's Most Overpaid Actor

Aww, really?!

Johnny Depp has been named and shamed as Hollywood's most overpaid actor in 2015.

The 52-year-old replaces Adam Sandler at the top of Forbes magazine's annual list after a string of flop movies, including Transcendence and Mortdecai, with both films returning a measly $1.20 for every $1 he was paid to make them.

Crime caper Mortdecai made $47.3 million on a $60 million budget, although just $7.7 million came from the US box office. Meanwhile, Transcendence grossed $103 million worldwide, which barely covered its production costs.

To draw up the list, Forbes examined the performance of the last three movies each actor starred in before June, 2015, although animated films and those in limited release were not included.

Adam had previously topped the countdown for the last two consecutive years, following flops such as Jack and Jill and That's My Boy, but due to his new production deal with streaming service Netflix, he was ruled ineligible for this year.

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Denzel Washington is a surprise second on the new Forbes list, and while he hasn't had any particularly big flops, he still only returned $6.50 for every $1 he earned, despite The Equalizer reeling in $192.3 million on a $55 million budget.

Will Ferrell, Liam Neeson and Will Smith round out Forbes' top five. 

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