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Jose Sarasola: 10 Dishes Men Would Love Women To Prepare For Them

We know you still want MORE of him! The hot chef and September Online Hunk gives us 10 ways to a guy's heart, plus 'insider' tips!

Although we tried to give you your fill of September Online Hunk Jose Sarasola, we know you can never really get enough of this hot chef. While they say that the easiest way to a man's heart is through his stomach, we know that guys' food preferences can be very different from ours. Since Jose is one cool dude who can actually share with us what dishes could help win a man over, we asked him to name 10 dishes guys would want us to make for them----with easy-to-follow tips and tricks for making them.

10 Dishes Men Would Love Women To Prepare For Them (PLUS TIPS!)

  1. Anything fried because it is the easiest to cook. Make sure it's not overcooked, so it won't taste sunog.
  2. Pasta. This is very basic and old school. Just boil noodles and get a can of tomato sauce and that's it--easiest way to a guy's heart.
  3. I love chicken so anyway it is done will be just fine. The easiest [to cook] is fried chicken.
  4. Fish would do as well. [It's] very easy to make: You just need a pan, a couple of herbs, and lemon. Boooom!
  5. For some strange reason, mashed potatoes. The cream, milk, and potatoes would be a good date--mashing the potatoes, I mean.
  6. Veggies! Boiled, steamed, fried--it's the easiest of all things to cook. [You don't] need a genius to cook this.
  7. Another easy one is rice or fried rice, boiled rice. Chop a lot of veggies, meat, garlic, then toss with rice and add soy sauce.
  8. Since I try to be a healthy guy (I try to be), water would be the best. Add a slice of lemon to the glass for an extra zing.
  9. Tea to digest... That is if you ate too much and don't walk it off after eating a huge meal.
  10. Last but not the least, chocolates--the key to any boy or girl's heart.
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