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People Are Totally Gushing Over Joshua Dela Cruz, The *Hawt* New 'Blue's Clues' Host

First of all, he's MARRIED.
PHOTO: Instagram/itsjoshdelacruz

We're sure you've seen photos of Filipino-American actor-host Joshua Dela Cruz on your feed. He's the new host of Nickelodeon children's show Blue's Clues & You, and Twitter blew up when people began stalking Josh and sharing his pics from Instagram! 

Here's one: 

People are saying that Josh looks like a gym bro and that he seems like the type who's "emotionally sensitive!" 

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Some are also joking that Joshua seems like the "paasa" type. Twitter user @stephjaurigue said"Why do guys named Josh always look like they're going to make you fall for them but when you confess they 'only see you as a friend?'"

Another tweet said: "Para talaga siyang yung down-to-earth guy na naging katabi ko sa class that would make me laugh na good with kids na mahal niya mama niya tapos pa-fall siya and in the end hindi niya ako kayang panindigan tapos two years ko siya pagmomove-onan."

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These ~thirst~ tweets are all very interesting, but just a small, gentle reminder: Josh is ACTUALLY MARRIED to theater actress Amanda Dela Cruz. They celebrated their third year anniversary this August! So...that's that. 

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In an interview with Buzzfeed, Joshua said that trending on Twitter was a big surprise. "I never, ever thought that I would trend on Twitter in any capacity. So thank you to everyone who's keeping this story alive, and in my old age I'll look back at the fond day that I was trending as a thirst trap on Twitter." 

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You're welcome, Josh. Love, the Philippines. 

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