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Julia Gets Emotional As She Talks About Being Called A 'Flop'

She was once 'counted out' from her showbiz peers.
PHOTO: Dookie Ducay

"Nafa-fragile ako," Julia Barretto said as she tried to compose herself during her August 14 interview on Tonight With Boy Abunda. The Kapamilya actress couldn't help but get emotional as she shared about how thankful she is with everything that's happening and how she's been doing so well recently. 

"I've always dreamed to be on that time slot. I've always dreamed for this day," Julia said about her new primetime show Ngayon At Kailanman with on-screen partner Joshua Garcia

"I saw you. I saw you," Boy Abunda acknowledged, referring to the times Julia was "counted out," called a "flop," and set aside for being a Barretto in the industry. 

Julia admits that during her lowest points, she'd pray and believe that the day would come when things would become better. It was a humbling experience for her, wondering if she was ever going to make it in the industry. "I want to keep working hard... I don't want to stop. The fire, it's burning."

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