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Julia Barretto Tells Gerald Anderson She Wants To Start A Family In Five Years

She also talked about her dreams in life.
PHOTO: YouTube/Gerald Anderson

Julia Barretto made some big revelations when she guested on one of Gerald Anderson's recent YouTube videos.

The actress had to try different Filipino street food while Gerald fired different questions her way.

"What is your five to 10-year plan?" Gerald asked.

"Family," Julia answered immediately.

"Sa’n dun?" Gerald clarified. "Sa five-year o sa 10-year?"


"Next year," Julia joked, and Gerald laughed. "Dun sa five, sa five," she added.

When asked if she would be willing to leave showbiz and live a "normal" life, she gamely replied she would be willing to anytime.

"I always dream of living a simple, quiet life," she explained. "Family life."

Julia also shared that she had always imagined her adult life to be what it is today because she had been exposed to showbiz at an early age, with her dad Dennis Padilla and her mom Marjorie Barretto bringing her with them to work. 

"It was kind of like the only life I knew," she said. "So I felt like that’s where I was gonna end up now. But in the future, a simple, quiet life is what I dream." 

Gerald and Julia have been openly sharing their photos together ever since they admitted they were in a relationship in March.

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