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Julia Barretto's Younger Brother Leon Launches His Own YouTube Channel

The actress frequently calls Leon her *twin brother* because they look so alike!
Leon Barretto launches his own YouTube channel
PHOTO: Instagram/theleonbarretto

ICYMI, Leon Barretto, the only son of celebrity parents Marjorie Barretto and Dennis Padilla, launched his own YouTube channel last August.

At 18, he joins the rest of his fam (his mom and sisters have their own respective channels) at the video platform as he charms everyone with his wit and good looks.

Curious about the latest Barretto to hit the limelight? Here are 5 things to know about this budding content creator.

1. He towers at 6’3.

Yes, Leon stands at an impressive height of 6’3. “A lot of people ask me that question. I’m sometimes humble and say I’m 6 feet, but in reality, I’m 6’3 now,” Leon says in a vlog. He’s just 18, so there’s definitely more room to grow! (literally and figuratively, in this teenager’s case).


2. He's a certified dog lover.

If you follow the Barretto's, then you’re definitely familiar with Mason, who is ever-present on family get-togethers! The dog was originally Julia’s, but since showbiz engagements didn’t allow her the time to properly take care of Mason, Leon took charge. When asked who his biggest life influence is, he isn’t shy to admit that it’s the little dog! “Honestly, he just inspires me so much. The way he sleeps, the way he plays!”. Aww, so cute!

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3. He’s a freshman in college taking up Marketing.

Leon shared that business, specifically the marketing side of it, initially piqued his interest during high school, and it’s something he wanted to pursue. Three months ago, he started college as a Marketing student and shared a snippet of his student life in a vlog. In terms of future plans, this go-getter aims to start a business of his own one day.


4. He's friends with fellow celeb teens, including Angelina Cruz and Kyle Echarri.

Leon reveals that he’s an extrovert, and says that he’s the type of person who would approach strangers first to initiate friendly conversations. He’s buddies with fellow celebrity teens, including Angelina Cruz and Kyle Echarri!


5. He's fond of cooking, like his mom and sisters!

It’s no secret that the Barretto's love themselves a good meal, what with their cooking vlogs that demonstrate their top-notch skills. Leon naturally takes after his foodie fam, even whipping up a spam fried rice on his own in one vlog! Aside from this, he also loves his movie nights with sister Erich, with whom he makes sure to share yummy midnight snacks.


Subscribe to Leon’s YouTube channel here.

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