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Justin Bieber's Hair Reminds Us Of These '90s Teen Heartthrobs

Ahh, the hairstyle that launched a thousand bedroom wall posters in the '90s!

We’re pretty used to the sight of Justin Bieber’s longish blond shag, which he sometimes keeps slicked back, sometimes tucks under a cap, and other times just lets loose like the glorious thing it is. But in this recent photo posted on Instagram by Orange Is the New Black star and self-confessed Biebs doppelganger Ruby Rose, Justin sports a look that’s a MAJOR blast from the past.

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Yep, it’s the hairstyle that launched a thousand bedroom wall posters in the '90s! You know what we’re talking about: that longish hair parted either at the middle or at the side which was the de rigueur ‘do of heartthrobs from two decades ago.

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Below, we list some '90s crushes who rocked that sexy part long before Biebs did. Hello again, childhood loves.

Leonardo DiCaprio

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Before he became the respected A-list star he is today, Leo was a blue-eyed babe with careless hair who was the fire of teenage girls’ loins.

Devon Sawa

 “Can I keep you?” Devon whispered in the movie Casper. Who could say no to a middle part that perfect?

Jonathan Taylor Thomas

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He may have left the limelight a long time ago, but to us, he will always be JTT, keeper of our young, innocent hearts.

 Nick Carter

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The Backstreet Boy rocked a part like no other, prompting adolescent boys all over the world to cop that ‘do.

Jared Leto

As Jordan Catalano in the teen soap My So-Called Life, Jared and his luscious locks had girls wishing he would take them out…and then take their virginity.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

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He cleans up pretty nice now, but back in the '90s, JGL rocked middle-parted long hair as Tommy in the sitcom 3rd Rock from the Sun.

James Van Der Beek

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Dawson, his creek friends, and that full head of blond hair gave us all the feels throughout the late '90s and on to the early '00s.

Brad Renfro

R.I.P. Brad Renfro, who died too young, but whose intense gaze and perfect pout will live on in our memories. Forever.

Edward Furlong

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He may have a string of arrests to his name now, but Eddie was once a promising young dreamboat who could brood like no other.


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The brothers and “Mmmbop” hitmakers were a matchy-matchy trio with their shoulder-length blond manes.

Rider Strong

The Boy Meets World cutie’s middle part + that backpack slung over one shoulder = so '90s, it hurts.

Breckin Meyer

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The goofy sk8r boi from Clueless made long, stringy locks almost look adorable. Almost.

Barry Watson

The hot kuya from 7th Heaven had gorgeous wavy brown hair we wanted to run our fingers through over and over and over again. #TakeMeToChurch

And who could forget…

Patrick Garcia

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Any girl who grew up in the ‘90s yet denies wanting to marry Batang PX and his bouncy hair someday is a liar. A LIAR!!!

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